Classic Wedge 30 ™

Small 'wedge style' acoustic foam tiles: pack of 16

The Classic Wedge 30 Tile from EQ Acoustics brings new levels of product quality and acoustic performance to audio enthusiasts and professionals on a budget.

Ideal for your recording studio, vocal booth, home cinema etc. Classic Wedge 30 tiles reduce unwanted reverberation and sound reflections resulting in better recordings, tighter mixes and a more accurate and pleasing sonic experience.

Manufactured from EQ’s exclusive open cell acoustic foam, this product is a stylish interpretation of the classic ‘Wedge’ design. Produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, these acoustic tiles have a uniquely sharp and consistent finish for the ultimate ‘studio’ look.

With 16 tiles per box you can assemble a wide variety of wall patterns. Check out the example room and wall layouts or email us for expert guidance in treating your room.

These 30cm tiles are ideal for treating larger areas quickly and easy and work perfectly in combination with our larger 60cm Classic Wedge 60 Tiles and ColourPanels.

Available in Storm Grey and Electric Blue.

  • Tile Size: 30cm x 30cm x 5cm
  • Quantity: 16 tiles per box
  • Coverage: 1.44 SQM
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.85
  • Fire: UL94 HF1
  • Suggested Fixing Method: EQ FlexFit hook and loop / building adhesive / contact us for alternative options

RRP £49.99

Product Reviews

The room I record in is small and a dreadful shape: it's difficult to imagine a worse room, save for the toilet while it's flushing.

The sloping roof surface ensures that reflections are close and many - that was why I bought the acoustic tiles.

I stuck them to the walls with double-sided tape so as not to upset the landlord and they are still on the walls months later.

The taming of the reflections was obvious as soon as I played acoustic guitar - a dead sound that wasn't too pleasant for the acoustic but tidied things up very nicely when recording. Similarly, the nasty upper-mid ring was neutralised on vocal recordings - making voices sound natural rather than 'nasal'.

Putting two in the 'mirror position' on either side for mixing also made mixing decisions far easier - speeding up the process.

In short, and for small rooms in particular, I can recommend these as effective and good value for money.

Purchased from: Thomann

I bought the EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge 30 absorber tiles for my homestudio with an idea of getting rid of strange noises, echo, feedback and to hear my mixes more clearly. The quality of my mixes improved, my studio became more quiet and most of the unwanted sounds disappeared. For the money... you really can't beat this. For lack of a better term... it really smooths out the rough edges.

Purchased from: Thomann

In my opinion these acoustic tiles are a great addition to any small setup, they fit together nicely unlike other makes where the edges wont line up for love nor money. They fix to the wall easily and (based on my experience using a carpet adhesive spray) will peel off the wall without leaving chunks behind if you should you later realise that your original positioning is just a bit wonky.

As with many low cost acoustic treatments they are rather thin, measuring about 5mm at the base, so in terms of sound reduction it only really effect frequencies along the higher end of the spectrum. In some cases this is all or exactly what is needed, but if you (like myself) need to tame frequencies further down the spectrum you can either mount them with a small air gap between the foam and your wall/surface (using a 1'' frame for example), or use two tiles on top of one another. By doing this a lot more of the midrange frequencies are dulled down.

Basically any small setup could benefit from acoustic treatment, for those looking to save a few pennies in the process these are ideal, and can be adapted to help absorb further down the midrange if you are prepared to be more creative when mounting them.

Purchased from: Thomann

Great value, have two lots of these things around my studio. If you want some treatment, get these, no others! I'm using these as general treatment in my live room and control room, improved it lot and at the price it was a gamble and it for sure paid off.

Purchased from: Thomann

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